Tampa Above Ground Pool Installation

Being located in Florida we get a crazy amount of phone calls and web traffic during pool season. Aside from selling above ground pools, a good portion of the calls are people in Tampa seeking advice on what to buy or basic how to questions regarding pool installs. So to help you better we’ve had added a ton of information here about everything above ground pool related. On this page we’ve included basic installation guides for those installing their own pools. There’s a price sheet for for professional installation charges. We also have a comprehensive list of installation accessories for pool installs or liner replacements. If you still need help or have questions please click on the contact us page and we’ll do our best to help.

Please note the installation price guide below is just a guide. The pricing listed here reflects the average pricing for the work in Central Florida area at the time this chart was made on March 1 2021. Prices include ground preparation on mostly flat pool locations, assembly and leveling of the pool structure, installation of the pool liner, filter system and plumbing. What additional work you may need done or others options you may want to add will likely change the overall cost.

Pool Installation Price Guide

  • Round Pool Size
  • 12′ Round – $550.00
  • 15′ Round – $650.00
  • 18′ Round – $800.00
  • 21′ Round – $900.00
  • 24′ Round – $1000.00
  • 27′ Round – $1100.00
  • 30′ Round – $1250.00
  • 33′ Round – $1350.00
  • Oval Pool Size
  • 12’x24′ Oval – $1200.00
  • 15’x24′ Oval – $1350.00
  • 15’x26′ Oval – $1400.00
  • 15’x30′ Oval – $1600.00
  • 16’x32′ Oval – $1700.00
  • 18’x33′ Oval – $1800.00
  • 18’x40′ Oval – $2200.00
  • 21’x43′ Oval – $2500.00
  • Pool Options
  • Main Drain – $350.00
  • PVC Hard Pipe – $150.00
  • Vacuum Line – $150
  • Extra Return Jet – $200
  • Deep Center/End – TBD
  • Frame Drop – TBD
  • 30′ Round – $1250.00
  • 33′ Round – $1350.00

Tools Needed For Above Ground Pool Installation

If installing your own pool you’ll need some basic tools to get the job done. Below is a very basic short list of items needed, some jobs may require more.

  • Razor Knife – used to cut out pool liner, cut opening for skimmer, return.
  • Cordless Screwdriver – used to install the majority of pool hardware.
  • Various Screw-gun Bits – used for different fasteners on pool.
  • Duct Tape – used to cover over wall seam bolts to prevent liner puncture
  • 4′ Carpenter’s Level- – used to level pool frame
  • Silicone – used on skimmer and return gaskets and hose fittings as needed.
  • Square Tip Shovel, Tine Rake, Concrete Rake – smoothing out pool bottom.
  • Hammer, Pliers, Screw Drivers, Wrenches – assembly of pool And filter system.
  • Tape Measure – verification of pool size.
  • Garden Hose – used to fill pool with water.
  • Spray Paint – used to mark out pool location and dig area.
  • Sod Cutter  – rental equipment not necessary but great for removing sod from yard
  • Skid-Steer – rental equipment not necessary but great for big earth removal

What Pool Accessories To Consider

This is an import section to read before setting out to install your above ground pool. Below is a great list of items you should consider before getting started. Each item below has a brief description of what they are, what they do and how important they may be for any Florida pool installation. Moles and nutgrass are a real issue here, so Armor Shield and nutgrass killer are always highly recommended.

As you already know our intense Florida sunshine, long summer season and unique soil conditions can really do a job on any above ground pool here. So with a little knowledge and upfront planning you’ll likely add years to the longevity of your pool while providing many years of trouble free use. Some of these items may apply to you and some may not but I can assure you that at least a couple could save you serious time and money down the road. If you are still unsure of your needs, just contact us and we’ll help.

Before ordering any pool products take the time to double check pool size, you may be glad you did. This may sound silly but one of the most common mistakes made is ordering the wrong size pool liner and accessories. Nothings worse than finding out your mistake after you are mid-installation. Sending these parts back and waiting for news ones to arrive could set you back weeks before finally get your pool up and running.

    • Pool Liner – Florida sun is really tough on pool liners. Spend a little extra money and get a 25ga. liner. The thicker material will outlast the 20ga. liners by several years. When liner shopping you may notice that there are several different types of liner, overlap, expandable, uni-bead and other names. If you are unsure of exactly what you have or wish to read more about the different pool liners available click here.
    • Pool Floor Padding – This is another worthwhile investment. Florida’s soft soil is home to many burrowing rodents and insects like moles, ground hogs, beetles and more. These critters often dig under above ground pools and come up right under them causing leaks and holes in your expensive new pool liner. The best way to stop this from happening is Armor Shield Pool Floor Pad. This is a super tough material that moles cannot bite through and it and it still allows the pool liner to breathe. Use this item or nothing at all. Armor shield comes ready to use, no cutting or taping necessary. Foam. plastic sheeting weed barrier etc are no good for stopping critters and causes the pool to pre-maturely rust out by trapping in condensation from the pool liner. To view pool floor padding image and details click here.
    • Pool Cove – You must have a cove for your pool. It’s there to protect your liner from coming in contact with the pool frame and getting damaged by puncture. You can make one from sand or dirt for free or you can purchase them ready to go. They have sticky tape on the backside and are very easy to install. They make for a very uniform and finished look to the floor of your above ground pool when used. Not a necessity but no down side other than cost. To view pool cove image and details click here.
    • Pool Liner Coping – These are thin plastic strips that hold overlap style pool liners to the pool wall. They become dry and brittle over the course of a few years and are a good item to replace during a liner change. If yours are cracking and dry replace them now. If they are 5 years or older they will likely need changing. If you don’t there’s a good chance you won’t be able to finish your liner change without them. The good news is these are cheaply priced and good insurance. Again, Florida sun at work here. To view coping image and details click here.
    • Pool Wall Foam – I would not use this product on any new pool or pool wall in good condition as moisture tends to get caught in the foam and cause pool rust out. It’s only real use in my opinion is on already rusty pool walls. It’s there to prevent the liner from getting holes in it from the rough rusty surface. This pool is on it’s last leg and using wall foam here is only trying to buy a few more years of use from it before a new pool is needed. View pool wall foam image and details click here.
    • Nutgrass Weed Killer – An absolute must in Florida. Nut-grass is an incredibly tough and persistent weed that will grow right through your pool liner. You will literally have grass growing in the bottom of your pool. It may be only one blade or hundreds and nothing will stop it. You may be able to patch over the holes but it usually comes right back. So take the time to treat the ground before installing your pool liner. Buy the commercial nut-grass killer if possible. It can be nearly impossible to find but often available online here. Nothing come close in quality. If you cannot find it use a product called IMAGE from Home Depot, Lowes etc. It’s not as good but still effective. Available in the garden section. I would never install a pool or liner without treating the ground first. It’s simply not worth the risk of ruining your new pool liner, not to mention the cost of installation and water.
    • Skimmer Box – The skimmer is usually a white or gray box on the side of the pool where the pool water sent through a basket on it’s way to the filter system. Skimmers get brittle or deteriorate over time most things exposed to water, chemicals and intense Florida sunshine. During the liner change process is the perfect time to replace the skimmer box if shows signs of damage. The single biggest issue with old pool skimmers on above ground pools is stripped out screw holes. When this occurs it’s impossible to correctly tighten the pool skimmer to the pool wall and the result is a leaky seal and loss of pool water. Be sure to examine the screw hole on the box for splits or cracking and replace if necessary. Skimmer kits are modestly priced and typically come with everything needed for replacement including hardware, gaskets, lid, basket and new return jet.
    • Main Drain – This is probably the number one best upgrade you can make to any above ground pool. This addition does nothing to protect your pool liner from damage nor does it stop nut-grass or critters. What a main drain or pool floor drain does is drastically improve water circulation and filtration. This is done by drawing in pool water from the floor and sending it to the filter system by way of piping that has been buried prior to the liner installation. By adding a main drain pool maintenance is cut in half as the pool stays much cleaner and requires far less vacuuming of debris. An above ground pool with a main drain is easy to spot as it has a grate in the middle of the floor like a bathtub or any in-ground pool you’ve seen. This is not a product that can be purchased from a store. It is a feature that involves much labor and must be built into your pool by you or your installer at the time of the liner change. You can purchase the main drain unit and piping from a pool retailer.
    • PVC Hard Pipe – This upgrade replaces the factory thin and flimsy plastic flex hoses that connect the pool filter system to the swimming pool. These factory hoses only last a few years before becoming brittle and leaking or bursting. This can allow water to drain out of your pool and burn up your expensive pool pump. The hard pipe upgrade replaces these hoses with strong everlasting hard or flexible thick wall PVC pipe. Much like the main drain this too is an feature that’s added to your pool and does not come in a kit. This upgrade can be DIY project for those with basic plumbing skills. The good news is PVC piping never needs replacing and all items required are available at your favorite local home improvement store.

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