Why It’s Good- First, it’s likely to be the last pool you’ll ever buy. Aside from that Caspian has many reasons to be considered the best resin above ground pool. For starters it’s warrantied for use with freshwater or saltwater. This means you can safely use any water sanitizer you wish. Chlorine, Baquacil, or saltwater system and all covered by the manufacturer. This is possible by the maker using as much resin in it’s construction as possible.

Resin Construction- Resin is a high grade polymer material that’s used in pool construction because it’s durable, lasts a long time and is corrosion resistant. Because resin bounces back from impact, doesn’t dent or get hot to the touch it’s a great material for use in swimming pools. Resin doesn’t rust or corrode like metal, so it’s great when used with saltwater systems or near the salty ocean air of the North Florida coast. Here is a list of the solid resin parts included in Caspian. 9″wide heavy duty injection molded top ledges, upright posts, frame rails, stabilizer bar, base plates, top plates and two piece top caps.

USA- Caspian is made by Wilbar International in Long Island New York. Wilbar is the largest and one of the oldest pool makers in the United States. This gives meaning to having a warranty. This also ensures finding replacements parts in the future will be possible. Try doing that with pools imported from overseas.

Wilbar pools are also made of thicker and better grade materials than many others. This isn’t always something you can see or feel but it becomes apparent when your imported pool model rusts away in few years. Inferior thinner steel and a lack of protective coatings make for a short life. I have never seen an imported pool older than 8 years. The sad part is the imported pool isn’t any cheaper, so shop smart.

Stainless Steel- While on the subject of steel it’s important to mention that the skimmer opening is the most common failure point in all above ground pools. To prevent this from being an issue the Caspian also includes a stainless steel panel where the skimmer and return jet are located. As you already know, stainless steel doesn’t rust so this common problem area will outlast the pool itself. Great feature and one that will likely extend the life of your investment.

Caspian Above Ground Pool Assembly Specifications

  • Manufactured by Wilbar International – New York, USA
  • 54″ high steel wall with Resin Shield coating for damage and corrosion resistance.
  • Strong 8″ wide curved injection molded resin ledges for style and corrosion resistance.
  • 6″ Wide solid resin uprights for style and longevity.
  • Solid resin frame rails, resin base plates, resin stabilizer bars and resin top plates.
  • Stainless Steel wall panel for the ultimate in corrosion resistance.
  • Beautiful Pearl wall color goes with practically any decor.
  • 60-Year Manufacturer’s limited warranty.
  • Warrantied for use with saltwater systems.

Caspian Installation Manuals, Parts List And Warranty

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