Tampa Deep Above Ground Pools

Doughboy Pools

If you were lucky enough to grow up in the 1970’s, you likely remember the Doughboy pool. If fact, back then it seemed like all above ground pools were Doughboy pools. The’re credited with being the original above ground pool maker but they have been up against some stiff competition in recent decades.

In what seems to be an endless amount of choices, the Doughboy pool seems to barely register on most people’s radar screen these days. But those who know the name know the quality and longevity they deliver. In the course of 30 years I have seen countless above ground pools across Jacksonville and North Florida. And the absolute oldest ones I have ever seen were all Hoffinger pools. Many of these Doughboy pools were 25 years old, with the oldest at 31 years. This is due to the fact Hoffinger Industries, who has owned Doughboy Recreational since 1974, is the only pool manufacturer in the world to make all their own products from raw materials. This is quite impressive and reason enough alone to buy from them. Add in that everything is made in the USA and you have real unique company and a product any above ground pool customer would be proud to own. If you want a pool to last and give you maximum bang for the buck, this is the brand for you. If you shop around you can find the Hoffinger above ground pools at nearly the same price as other American made resin models.

Above Ground Pools With Deep Ends

Now if you haven’t heard about Doughboy pools or Hoffinger Industries I’m going to make them relevant to this blog by saying that they have been making pools with deep ends and deep middle for as long as I can remember. Deep above ground pools are nothing new and we have been installing them for customers for 3 decades. But the coolest part about them is the fact that they can be as deep as 7 feet. If fact you can make the pool any depth you desire up to 7 feet deep. Your pool could have 2 deep ends or a deep middle if you wish. Now some of you may know this is easily done when using a round above ground pool as the starting point. But what really sets the Hoffinger pools apart from every other maker is the fact their oval above ground pools are designed to have the deep end also. This requires a specially designed framework to be able to offer this feature and other above ground pool makers do not offer it.

Doughboy Deep End Pool Liners

Of course the above ground pool with a deep end of 7-8 feet requires a specially designed pool liner to make this happen. And the Hoffinger/Doughboy makes these exceptionally tough pool liner to get the job done. These expandable pool liners are incredibly thick and designed to give a wrinkle free finish when installed. I feel these are the best pool liners on the market and their longevity backs this up. It’s not uncommon for us to see these liners lasting 20 years or more. Sure, they cost more but they last forever and they can stretch at least 3 additions feet where most generic expandable liners can only go 2 additional feet and typically last about 5-8 years.