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Rectangle Semi In-Ground Wood Pools

We recently seen the new rectangle above ground pools made of wood and they are beautiful and more impressive than expected. They are available in many size from a very small 8’x12′ to a ample 16’x28′. I thinks these new rectangle pools will be a big hit as I’m often asked where to find a rectangle pool. Now they’ve arrived and I’m not sure what the headline is. Is it the rectangle shape? Is it the semi in-ground design or is it the solid wood construction? There’s a lot packed into the new arrivals so let me tell you something about them.

Rectangle Above Ground Pool

Seeing how the rectangle shape is the newest feature and the inspiration of this blog post, it only seems right to start with it. Many people ask for this shape but it’s rarely seen any longer. Most above ground pools are based around a continuous sidewall made from steel steel or sometimes sheet aluminum. This makes for an excellent pool but doesn’t work for making corners or rectangle or square shapes. That is only possible by using individual panels or slats for the pool wall construction. The new pool shape also fits more conveniently into backyards with less wasted space. The new wood pools pictured on this page show the true rectangle shape and gorgeous new look.

Semi Inground Installation

The new rectangle semi in-ground or partially buried pools must be buried at least 34″ into the ground an no more than 40″. This is perfect for most anyone as this ensures easy entry and exit while leaving just enough pool visible to admire the the design. Sinking an above ground pool has become more popular every year. In fact it seems that nearly 40% of the pool installation we do involves sinking the pool at least 2′. When people get a load of this wooden beauty I’d expect wood pool sales to double this year.

Wood Construction

One on the most common question I get about the wood pools is “Is that just wood wrapped around a typical metal pool?” The answer is no, it’s a swimming pool made from real wood timbers. The sides and top ledges are construction from pressure treated lumber just like a boat dock or backyard wooden deck. The pressure treated wood does not rot and will last at least 15 years in the Florida climate if taken care of. It doesn’t require any more maintenance than the average wood deck or dock would need.

If you have a need for something different, upscale and truly beautiful, this new rectangle wooden pool maybe perfect for your backyard. It’s striking looks fit right in even the most modern or expensive locations. Give us a call and see what it would take to get one of these new gems installed this summer.